9 Reasons to learn Hindi

1. To know one of the most widely spoken languages, spoken by 500-800 million people.

2. To understand Hindi movies and songs.

3. To connect with people in India, an emerging country in the global economy.

4. To connect with your extended family in India.

5. To use it as a secret language with your friends.

6. To have the opportunity to participate in programs offered by UT Austin and others where a field trip to India is as a part of the curriculum.

7. To have an opportunity to understand Indian culture and your Indian roots (in case you are Indian).

8. To fulfill the two-year foreign language requirement to graduate from high school. Hindi, a language that you may be already familiar with, can be taken as a foreign language in some public schools in the US.

9. To fulfill graduation requirement in college, you can take Hindi as one of the courses.

  Hindi in India - 'red' indicates states where Hindi is the mother tongue  

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